The Hoops U Complete Basketball Strength and Speed Program (eBook)

Basketball Strength and Speed Training Program

Improve and enhance your strength, speed, quickness and basketball skills with this year-round complete strength and speed training workout program.

Learn to effectively and adequately improve your strength and speed specific to basketball with this year-round basketball workout program. In The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program, coach Tony Alfonso explains the methods he has used to help train several state high school championship teams and college recruits.

Packed with insights, descriptions, techniques, and more, this comprehensive book offers the fundamentals and tactics for incorporating an effective strength and speed program into your overall basketball training. Not only will you find great ideas, drills, and exercises to help you improve, but this book is also a year-round basketball training program that is fully complete...sets and reps are already determined for each training phase. It is completely ready-to-go -- you do not need to put anything together yourself! The workout forms and testing charts help you understand how you are progressing so you can effectively achieve your goals.

Through Coach Alfonso's experience and guidance, you will learn how to successfully implement a strength and speed program for yourself or your team. The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program will show you how to improve your athletic ability that positively correlates to improvement on the basketball court.

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